A waterproof solution used by device technicians to protect electronic circuits and power transmission.

The purpose of this product is to provide skilled technicians to add more value to any electrical device such as mobile device, tablet, laptop and digital camera by insulating and protecting such devices from unfortunate cases of damages caused by moisture, extreme humid environments and or dropping the device in the water.



Creates a thin coating that covers the entire inside and exterior of the device, allowing for an amazing protection when exposed to water

Deep Penetration

Gamma Nano penetrates deeply at the molecular level into device’s circuit board which includes multiple IC layers by completely displacing moisture through advanced nanotechnology


Scratch Resistant

A Nano liquid that creates a glossy scratch and fingerprint resistant solution

Anti microbial

Nano liquid A kills up to 99.9% of bacteria (Certified to ASTM International Standards E2180)


Each application allows for an effective coating life for main board of over 12 months (12 to 36 months depending on device and usage), allowing for complete peace of mind. Exterior surface coating for scratch and finger resistance is effective up to 6 months



Liquid Nano A

Nano solution, which is used to coat on glass surface. Provides anti-water, anti-oil, anti-fingerprints, antimicrobial protection killing up to 99.9% of bacteria (Certified to ASTM International Standards E2180) and scratch resistant coating.

Liquid Nano B

Liquid Nano B has an effective Nano solution insulator against water; insulation protection for electric circuit board and IC; Prevents connection loss on battery connector, microphone, speaker, and camera when immersed.

Special Glue

Special Glue is effective in covering and sealing screen edges and battery edges, prevents water from penetrating inside. This glue is never dried, durable elasticity under thermal expansion margin of the screen when in operation.

Accompanying Tools


  • Two dedicated brushes used to apply Nano solution on to circuit board, camera cable, battery connector, and the point of contact between speaker and microphone to the motherboard. As well as apply waterproof super glue on screen edges, screen cable cluster and battery edges.
  • Nano microfiber cloths for polishing and cleaning purposes of devices’ surface.
  • Glue head inserts for the ability to squeeze out small cross section amount to glue and seal the screen and battery edges.



Gamma Nano offers a limited twelve (12) months warranty on Gamma Nano products. All Gamma Nano Smart Phone Waterproof Kit is fully guaranteed against defects in raw material. Our warranty does not cover damage that may have resulted from normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse of the product. The warranty does not cover damage to your devices as a result of the use of any Gamma Nano product.

Future Vision Technology Inc. and its associated brands will not be liable for any indirect or incidental damages arising from the use of this product.

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Because Gamma Nano Smart Phone Waterproof Kit is intended as preventive measures, Gamma Nano will not be held responsible for any extreme use or testing other than using the device for its natural purpose. Examples of extreme use or testing includes but is not limited to; submerging the device under water for long periods of time, submerging the device under deep water, leaving the device outdoors where the device would be subject to weather abuse, or any other extreme use or testing just to test for any reason Gamma Nano Smart Phone Waterproof Kit’s breaking point.





Read the instructions before application of Gamma Nano. Gamma Nano will not be responsible for any device that were damaged prior to application of Gamma Nano solution. Thoroughly inspect device prior to application.

Do not let Nano Liquid B solution stick on device’s glass and cover.

Do not allow speakers and microphone to come into contact with any liquid. Speakers and microphone must be protected at all times during application of Gamma Nano. Only speaker and microphone connectors can be applied.


Sanitize the device

Use super soft & clean Microfiber Cloth and brush to clean the screen, all outside edges and cover.


 Coating Nano Liquid A on the screen. This Nano solution provides a coating for anti-water, anti-oil, anti-fingerprint and scratch resistance.

Specific steps:

  • Clean screen surface thoroughly.
  • Estimate the covered surface area, 1 drop of Nano Liquid A is about 20 cm2 coated surface.
  • Use drops of Nano Liquid A on the screen surface at equidistant point.
  • Rub Super Soft & Clean Microfiber Cloth quickly and evenly onto the screen surface with enough pressure (try to complete task within 45 seconds). Make sure Nano Liquid A covers the full area of screen surface.
  • Avoid applying or spilling Liquid A into device speakers and microphone.
  • Drying time required is 30 minutes. Put aside and move on to Step 3.

Note: Speakers and microphone must be protected at all times from any liquid entering during the application of Gamma Nano.


Remove and sanitize the device for the Nano waterproof coating. Depending on the device, technician should open and remove each part of device carefully, lightly, and according to instructions. Separate each component to avoid confusion.

Specific steps:

  • Remove parts such as screen, battery, cover, and circuit board.
  • Use clean cloth or compressed air sprayer to remove dust, stains stick



Start coating special glue on screen edges (from inside), screen cable cluster and battery edges. It is effective in protecting against water penetration into slots of screen layers and battery edges. The purpose of applying special glue is to further prevent water penetrating the device.

Specific step:

  • Clean screen edges and battery carefully.

Note: Use different brush (brush dedicated for special glue only). The edges need to be covered with sufficient amount of glue, especially cable cluster and connectors to avoid water invasion from here. Note: Do not confuse special glue and Nano liquid B.


Coating Nano Liquid B for circuit board and battery connectors. It is water resistant, provides insulation protection for electrical circuits, battery connectors and camera cable when immersed.

Specific steps:

  • Cover microphone holes, speakers and camera lens with clear tape to avoid Nano Liquid B penetrating in.
  • Spray Nano Liquid B solution onto all circuit boards and electronic components.
    Do not spray on speakers membrane (in and out), microphone membrane and camera lens.
  • Spray a sufficient amount of Nano Liquid B lotion in the cap/ or small cup.
  • Dip the Super-soft Brush into Nano Liquid B lotion cup, then sweep brush evenly on battery electrode, microphone and speakers connectors, and other components.
  • Let them all absorb Nano Liquid B solution evenly for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, use clean cloth or dry soft paper to wipe off excess solution to prevent contamination to other parts of device when reassembled.
    Note: do not let Nano Liquid B solution contact or penetrate with speaker, microphone and camera.


Clean screen, device cover and all exposed components when reassembled.

Specific steps:

  • Use 1-2 drops of Nano Liquid A solution on screen, then use clean cloth to wipe out oil, dirt stains on device’s cover and surface.
  • Remove tape that was used to cover microphone holes and speakers.
  • Reassemble your device to its original state.


Total application time for devices with built in batteries is an average of 35 to 45 minutes while other simpler devices is from 25 to 35 minutes.

If possible, allow drying 30 minutes drying time after application of Gamma Nano. For best performance, allow device to dry 48 hours before subjecting device to any possible exposure to liquid.

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